Air Canada Requires Face Masks

Air Canada requires all customers at check-in, during the boarding process and during flight to wear cloth coverings or masks over their mouth and nose, beginning April 20, 2020. The coverings do not need to be medical masks – any face covering including a scarf or similar item is acceptable.

Customers must bring their own face coverings which will be verified prior to boarding all Air Canada flights and prior to security screening at Canadian airports. It is the customers’ responsibility to bring the proper face covering with them. Air Canada will not distribute masks to customers in order to ensure that critical medical masks are reserved for frontline workers.

Customers will need to wear their face covering at the gate, where they will be required to lower it for identification purposes on photo IDs, as required by Canadian regulations.

While on board, customers are further required to wear their face covering at all times except to eat and drink or, in case of an inflight emergency should the oxygen masks be deployed, or when, in the judgement of the crew, appropriate physical distancing can be maintained.

This requirement will apply to all customers except for children under the age of 6 or customers who have a medical condition preventing them from wearing such a covering. This exemption will need to be verified and approved by Air Canada in advance through a medical certificate or Air Canada Fitness to Fly form.

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