More airports join San Diego in Good Traveler offset program

A carbon offset program founded by San Diego International Airport in 2015 is spreading to airports nationwide including Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Under the program, flyers purchase credits to offset the carbon emissions generated by their trip. A $1 credit offsets 500 miles of air travel. The offsets can be purchased either online or at Ryan Bros. Coffee outlets within the airport.

Carbon offset programs for flying are nothing new. They’ve been around since early the early 2000s, and according to IATA, are offered by more than 30 airlines. IATA has even created guidelines to standardize such programs.

San Diego claims to have already offset 11.5 million flight miles with the Good Traveler program from September 2015 through the end of 2016.

Environmentalists are calling programs such as Good Traveler controversial since buying carbon offsets can give people a false sense that flying a lot is OK for the environment, when in fact the best approach to slow climate change is to minimize one’s air travel as much as possible.

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