Alaska Airlines is Phasing Out Printed Boarding Passes via a Kiosk

Alaska Airlines is moving forward with its plans to modernize the airport check-in process, announcing that its kiosks will no longer print boarding passes and passengers will be required to check in online or through Alaska’s app. The airline eventually plans to replace the kiosks with stations that handle only baggage check-in and tagging.

Alaska has updated its travel advisories page, to outline a new restriction on how you can get your boarding pass at the airport. You’re of course encouraged to get your boarding pass prior to getting to the airport using your own smartphone. But if you don’t show up at the airport with a boarding pass, you’ll no longer be able to print it at one of the kiosks. Rather, you’ll have to see an agent.

Here’s how the airline explains this:

Our airport kiosks no longer print boarding passes—this means you’ll need to check in and access your boarding passes through the Alaska Airlines mobile app, from a computer, mobile device, or print them at home. If you’re checking bags, you’ll use our new bag tag stations to print bag tags, add a bag, or pay for your checked baggage. If you are unable to obtain your boarding pass before arriving at the airport, please see an agent for a paper version.