Alaska Airlines Next-Level Care Safety Measures

Alaska Airlines will require a new flyer health agreement at check-in beginning June 30 as part of a Next-Level Care program, which includes 100 measures to ensure the safety and well-being of travelers and employees. The agreement will verify that passengers haven’t exhibited COVID-19 symptoms during the past 72 hours or come into contact with anyone who is symptomatic, as well as agree to bring and wear a face mask or covering.

Alaska has also extended its policies of blocking middle seats and capping cabin seating at 65% through July 31. Face masks are required for all travelers 12 and over, and for all airline employees. Customers are expected to bring their own masks and wear them at the airport and during the flights. Personal hand sanitizing wipes will be available onboard starting in July.

“Caring for our guests and employees and ensuring their safety has always been our number one priority. COVID-19 has touched all of us in some way and it prompted us to fundamentally change the entire travel experience,” said Alaska Airlines CEO Brad Tilden. “Next-Level Care has been informed by medical experts, employees and guests to ensure our customers are safe whenever they’re ready to fly.”

Watch Alaska’s Next-Level Care Video Here.