Alaska Airlines now offers Saver Fares (Basic Economy)

How are Saver fares different?

Saver fares include many restrictions on booking, refunds, changes, and seat selection and for these reasons all of ETC’s corporate accounts have requested that we restrict these airfares. ETC has blocked these airfares from displaying on our Concur travel booking tool, our full-service/travel agent assist will not offer basic economy airfares and Deem is working on blocking these airfares as well.

The blocking of Alaska Airlines basic economy airfares will be launched in Deem’s January, 2019 release. In the meantime, we have added a pop up that will appear when a user chooses one of these airfare types. Users can uncheck the “Basic” Fare Tier filter on the search results page. ETC will monitor all reservations for this airfare type, and if booked, we will automatically change the fare to a standard airfare, prior to issuing the airline ticket.

Alaska Airlines Saver Fares (Basic Economy) restrictions include:

* Most seats will be assigned at check-in.
* No guarantee that parties of two or more will be seated together.
* No refunds are allowed beyond the first 24 hours after ticketing.
* No changes, including same-day confirmed changes.
* No standby is allowed for Saver fares, even for elite status guests.
* Non-transferable.
* Fares cannot be combined with any other fare types.
* If you no-show for any flight during a trip, all other flights within that trip are automatically canceled, with no refund available.

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