Brazil Delays Visa Requirement

Travelers to Brazil from the United States and Canada are being given a three-month reprieve from a new e-visa requirement, which was slated to begin Jan. 10, 2024. It will now launch April 10, 2024.

According to a representative for the Brazilian Tourist Board (Embratur), the extension is “intended to complete the process of implementing the requirement system E-Visa and prevent the change from interfering with the flow of tourists from these countries to Brazil during the high season.”

The return to a short-term visa requirement was announced last year, though some countries, such as Japan, have been exempted because they matched a visa waiver program introduced in 2019. Because the U.S. and Canada did not match the visa waiver program in 2019, citizens of those countries are now subject to the reinstatement of the visa requirement.

The cost of the visa will be $80.90 USD per person and will be valid for five years for Canadians and 10 years for citizens of the United States.