Brazil Launches Electronic Visa Platform for U.S. and Canadian Travelers

Brazil has officially launched its website and platform for Americans and Canadians who will soon need to apply for and obtain, a visa ahead of travel. 

Brazil has employed VFS Global, a technology company based in Dubai that caters to governments and diplomatic needs, to launch the platform, which is live now on the visa website.

The short-term visa requirement was announced earlier this year by the Brazilian government. Brazil had waived the visa requirement in 2019 to boost tourism. Some countries, like Japan, matched the move from Brazil and waived visa requirements for Brazilian citizens. 

However, others, including the U.S. and Canada, did not, and the Brazilian foreign ministry decided to reintroduce the requirements for those countries. 

The cost of the visa will be $80.90 USD per person and will be valid for 5 years for Canadians and 10 years for Americans. Australians, the third population included in the visa requirement, will have the same 5-year period of validity on their visas. 

All travelers from those countries arriving in Brazil from Jan. 10, 2024, onwards will be required to apply for the visas. 

Aside from the fee, the application requires a valid passport, a completed visa application form, a passport-style photo, flight confirmation, and a printed bank statement showing transactions for the last 30 days and showing at least $2,000 USD for travel.

Business travelers will have to provide even more requirements in their applications, including job title, job description, and monthly salary, along with the nature of the business and activities they intend to conduct in Brazil. 

Update: Brazil Delays Visa Requirement