Canada Restarted Random Covid-19 Testing

After a brief pause, Canada restarted random COVID-19 testing for vaccinated travelers at its airports.

The protocol had been paused since June 11 in order to deal with some of the travel delays and disruptions that had been causing issues since the start of the summer travel season. However, it resumed at Canada’s four major airports—Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal, and Toronto—on July 19, 2022.

The actual testing will be different than it was prior to the pause. Instead of testing directly outside of the customs hall, all testing will be completed away from airports, either via an in-person appointment at select locations or a virtual appointment with a self-swab test.

Fully vaccinated travelers will receive an email notification within 15 minutes of completing customs at the airport, alerting them that they have been randomly selected for the mandatory testing. That email will contain information on getting a test scheduled.

Unvaccinated travelers coming into Canada will still be forced to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine and test on Day 1 and Day 8.

Travelers will also still have to complete the ArriveCan app prior to entering Canada. The app also contained a “saved traveler” function that will allow users to save documents and proof of vaccination to reuse on future trips.

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