Concur Displays COVID-19 Airline Information and TripIt has a COVID-19 Resource Center

Concur Travel has added information regarding COVID-19-related reassurances provided by certain airlines are now displayed. The information is available in the More Details section of the Benefits/Services link for each itinerary option. The following points provide additional details:

• This information is provided directly from the airline to Concur Travel. As such, each airline is responsible for accuracy and operational fulfilment.

• This information is curated by Concur Travel for airlines that represent the majority of booking volume on Concur Travel (currently American, British Airways, Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, Swiss Air, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, United Airlines, with possibly a few more major airlines to be added).

• Reassurance information is subject to modification or withdrawal at any time.

• This information is displayed via the Benefits/Services link for each branded fare. Brand details are still available immediately below the COVID-19 reassurance response.

Concur’s TripIt has also introduced a new traveler resource center that will help you manage travel changes due to COVID-19. They’ve gathered a collection of resources from public health and safety advisories to cancellation policies and new travel guidelines. TripIt Resource Center