ETC has the COVID-19 Plugin

The COVID-19 Plugin provides our Travel Assistants with the ability to click on an icon and get a full worldwide map with up-to-date COVID information, policies, closures, etc.  The interactive map allows the selection of any country/state.

Icons on the map (differently colored to indicate the level of restrictions) provide the ability to click deeper into the location to get a comprehensive review of the current COVID situation in a particular area.

The “Quarantine Measures” pop-up box will display current status information, critical real-time information, including what is open and what is currently closed in that location.  Country lockdown level indicators (percentages), quarantine measures, flight restrictions, and advice on specific destinations are all included.

The Plugin reads the itinerary and prepares a tab for each country/state in the itinerary.  The country-level information is filled with critical information about lockdowns, quarantine measures, and airline information.  PDF links at the bottom allow us to download the information and provide it to our travelers.