Navigating SEA Airport During Construction

If you’ve visited Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Airport this year you might have seen construction barricades at several points around the airport. We get that construction can be frustrating and may shake up your routine so we’re committed to providing regular progress updates that will help you navigate more efficiently during the peak spring and summer travel periods. 

Construction across the airport is tied to Upgrade SEA, the new suite of capital projects that will improve your SEA Airport experience from the second you hit the Expressway to the moment you board your plane. 

Upgrade SEA will make the airport an enjoyable part of your journey, get you from curb to gate efficiently, give you more room to roam, and provide cool things to do while you’re waiting. Essentially, Upgrade SEA will add more of what you love and need to SEA Airport. 

So, what’s the latest on Upgrade SEA projects and how will they impact your journey through the airport? Follow the below link to the Port of Seattle to learn more.  

Active project impacts through the summer