Now Arriving: COVID-19 Travel Guidance in TripIt

For our clients that utilize our online booking tool, Concur and have downloaded the TripIt app, TripIt now shows you the latest COVID-19 travel guidelines, restrictions, and requirements—alongside infection rates—for the destinations you’re visiting. This new feature will help you stay as informed as possible, with the latest information all in one place.

COVID-19 guidance

How does the COVID-19 guidance feature work?

To help you stay up to date on the impacts that COVID-19 is having on your travel plans, TripIt has added destination-specific travel guidance into the app. Once you book a trip, you’ll be able to easily see the latest information on COVID-19 for the destinations you’re visiting. This will include current infection rates, quarantine rules upon arrival, testing requirements, and other information travelers need to know before visiting the area. This information comes from TripIt’s partner Riskline. 

Where can I access COVID-19 travel guidance?

The next time you view a trip itinerary in TripIt, you will notice a guidebook button on your trip summary screen (above the edit button). Tap the guidebook to see additional information to help you prepare for your next trip. 

For every country (and for some countries, states and provinces) you’re visiting, TripIt will show you COVID-19 related: 

  • Key information including infection rates, hotspots, and any quarantine or testing requirements for travelers entering the area.
  • Requirements and restrictions currently in place, including mask requirements, curfew orders, and restrictions on dining and shopping.
  • Travel guidelines issued for your destination, such as health documentation requirements, entry and exit rules, travel bans, and more.
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