SEA Reserved Parking Begins March 5

Reserved Parking launches March 5, 2024 on Floor 4 of the SEA airport parking garage. Reserved Parking is a premium, reservation-only parking product located on a dedicated floor of the garage (Floor 4, currently Terminal Direct) and offers a stall guarantee regardless of garage occupancy or travel seasonality. Our existing Pre-Booked Parking program, and the Terminal Direct floor (Floor 4) of the garage will both be rebranded to “Reserved Parking” in support of this program launch.

Reserved Parking requires that customers make an online reservation in advance of garage arrival and scan the QR code associated with their reservation at entry to park on the floor. Reserved Parking is exclusive to reservation customers, and drive-up parking will no longer be allowed on the floor. Should a drive-up customer make their way up to the Reserved Parking floor without a reservation, they will need to use a diversion lane to exit to General Parking.

Customers make a reservation in Reserved Parking up to 120 days before arrival and can modify or cancel an existing reservation without penalty up to 6 hours before their reserved entry time. Reservations canceled within 6 hours of reserved entry time will incur a $25 cancellation fee.

Benefits of Reserved Parking 

  • Stall guarantee: Reserve your parking in advance of arrival with peace of mind that there will be a stall waiting in the dedicated Reserved Parking area of the garage upon arrival. 
  • Contactless, easy access: A quick scan of your QR code provides access to enter and exit the garage.
  • Extra flexibility: We know your travel plans can change. You may modify or cancel your reservation up to six hours before your reserved entry time without penalty. 
  • Cashless payment: Pay online in advance with your credit/debit card or mobile payment option (ApplePay and Google Pay).
  • No hidden fees: The price you see is the price you pay. There’s no hidden taxes or fees. 

Please note: The Pre-Booked Parking program will be discontinued on February 29, 2024 in advance of the launch of Reserved ParkingAny bookings made prior to this date for Terminal Direct or General Parking will still be honored at garage entry after program closure, per current terms and conditions. Drive-up parking will still be available in General Parking (Floors 1-3 and 5-8) after this date.


Q: How is Reserved Parking different than Pre-Booked Parking?
A: While the reservation process is similar to Pre-Booked Parking, customers will have added peace of mind knowing a stall is guaranteed on Floor 4 of the parking garage. Reserved parkers will not need look in General Parking (floors 1-3, 5-8) for a stall, because Reserved Parking will only be available on Floor 4.

Q: What is the cost of Reserved Parking?
A: Reserved Parking currently costs $47/day with a minimum reservation period of 2 days. Variable rate pricing may be implemented in the future.

Q: What are the benefits of reserving my parking in advance? 
A: Reserving your parking provides peace of mind because you have a guaranteed stall on Floor 4, the only floor with a direct connection to the terminal, making it the easiest, fastest and most convenient place to park. 
You also have a contact-free experience because you drive your own vehicle and scan your QR code from your phone to enter and exit the garage. There is no need to pull a ticket and you won’t have to ride in a shuttle bus or third-party vehicle.
 Additionally, by creating an account when you make a reservation, you can choose to receive exclusive e-mail promotions and discounts from SEA Airport. 

Q: I like to use Terminal Direct for short term parking, what are my options now?
A: Drive-up parking will still be available in General Parking (Floors 1-3, 5-8) on an hourly, daily and weekly basis. Reserved Parking is designed for multi-day parking stays, and requires a minimum stay duration of 2 days.

Q: I have a Pre-Booked Parking booking already. How does this change affect me?
A: Terminal Direct parkers who have already pre-booked their parking with an entry date after February 29, 2024 will be converted to our Reserved Parking product at no additional cost. You may use the confirmation email from your original booking to enter/exit the Reserved Parking area of the garage on your entry date/time.

Q: Can I still pre-book my parking in General Parking?
A: No, the Pre-Booked Parking program will be discontinued with the launch of Reserved Parking on March 5. General Parking will no longer be an option in the reservation system, as all reservations will be in Reserved Parking (dedicated product location). Any bookings/reservations that start on or after March 5 will be valid in the Reserved Parking section of the garage only (Floor 4).

Q: Once I make a reservation, what do I do when I get to the garage?
A: Follow signs to the Reserved Parking entry lanes. Simply scan your reservation QR code from your confirmation email at the Reserved Parking entry device. At exit, scan the QR code again at any exit device.