SEA Revealed Its New International Arrivals Facility (IAF)

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) revealed its modern welcome to the world, demonstrating how the new International Arrivals Facility (IAF) dramatically improves the travel experience and advances the Puget Sound as a leading tourism and business gateway.

The opening comes just in time to support the continuing recovery of international travel. Demand for Seattle remained high even during the particularly challenging last two years. Since 2020, SEA has welcomed several brand-new international services, including Qatar Airways to Doha, WestJet to Calgary, American Airlines to London, and Alaska Airlines to Belize. Other new destinations coming in 2022 are Air Canada to Montreal in May, Aer Lingus to Dublin in May, Delta Air Lines to London in May, Alaska to Edmonton in April, and Finnair to Helsinki in June.

The IAF, made up of the pedestrian walkway, secure corridor, and Grand Hall, is the most complex capital project in the Port’s history. While the modern design of the three new facilities takes center stage, the IAF also provides a memorable front door to international travel and trade for the Pacific Northwest that highlights regional art, dramatic views, sustainability, and the world’s longest aerial walkway over an active taxi lane! It took nearly three million labor hours to construct this facility, including nearly one million minority labor hours (35%), over 500,000 apprentice hours (19%), and more than 139,000 (5%) labor hours by women.

Replacing the 50-year-old current Customs facility, the IAF increases the airport’s number of international capable gates from 12 to 20 and more than doubles passenger capacity to 2,600 passengers per hour (up from 1,200 today).

Learn more about SEA’s IAF here.