Sea-Tac Airport Holiday Travel Tips to Keep you Merry and Bright

The Port of Seattle’s Five Tips to Keep you Merry and Bright.

  1. For a more efficient experience, download (or update!) the Sea-Tac App. See checkpoint waits in real time, locate restaurants and shops to explore, water bottle refill stations, and use the interactive map to navigate the airport.
  2. Give yourself the gift of time. Arrive two hours early for domestic flights and three hours for international travel.
  3. Going green is our favorite holiday color. Public transportation is the most efficient options to stay out of a traffic jam. Use Sound Transit Link light rail to travel all the way to the airport and the free “Train to Plane” shuttle cart service will chauffeur you from the station to the airport terminal.
  4. Be ready for security checkpoints. SEA and TSA want to help you move through security checkpoints as quickly as possible. Travelers are required to remove electronics larger than a cell phone from carry-on luggage. Keeping food or liquids in your carry-on luggage might prompt additional screenings.
  5. Need more travel hacks? Visit our recently relaunched Traveler Tips webpage for our best advice to navigate SEA like a frequent flier.

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