SEA Upgrades for Less Time in Line

A roomier, modern, and more efficient security screening experience is coming to SEA in 2024.

This project relocates Checkpoint 1 from its current location on the Ticketing Level to the lower Baggage Claim Level. This will create new queuing, travel document verifications, and add additional security screening lanes.

Project Overview

Checkpoint 1 is located at the south end of the Ticketing Level. It is currently undersized and only suitable for pre-check passengers and not able to handle TSA’s newer, enhanced technology. By relocating this checkpoint, space will be better utilized to provide more compliant screening lanes, TSA support spaces, adequate queuing to meet peak demand, and flexibility to accommodate current and evolving screening protocols. It will increase the number of lanes from three to five for higher throughput in passenger screening. 

The relocated Checkpoint 1 will take place of the current Baggage Claim Carousel 1. The carousel will be removed and replaced with this brand-new security checkpoint. Due to the new positioning on the Baggage Claim Level, it will serve all passengers but will primarily benefit those accessing the S Concourse. It will also benefit passengers dropped off on the arrivals curb during peak departure periods, which will help alleviate curb congestion.

This is one of many projects in a series designed to modernize the front door of the main terminal with upgrades on all levels. SEA has seen a growing number of travelers and is making adjustments accordingly in order to create a more efficient and predictable guest experience, from curb to gate.

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