Short-Haul Flights Now Banned in France

The government of France published a new decree banning short-haul flights on some domestic routes that are possible to travel by train in two and a half hours or less.

As a result of new regulation, dozens of daily flights between Paris and regional hubs like Nantes, Lyon, or Bordeaux, will be terminated, making short-haul travel ecologically cleaner, but longer for the passengers.

For example, a trip from Paris to Bordeaux will now take two and a half hours by train vs. one hour and fifteen minutes by air.

The ban will initially only affect Paris to Nantes, Paris to Lyon and Paris to Bordeaux routes, as trains between other domestic locations were deemed insufficiently frequent.

According to government officials, new regulation was designed help avert climate change and has been approved by the European Commission.

The ban does not affect private flights, which account for dramatically more carbon per passenger than commercial routes. Beaune said last month that the government would introduce a climate surcharge for private fliers from next year, but Green politicians have called for an outright ban.