United Airlines Ups Bag Fees to $35 for First Checked Bag

Starting in March 2020, United Airlines will begin charging $35 for the first checked bag and $45 for the second on domestic and short-haul flights, up $5 from the previous charge and matching JetBlue’s January increase.

The pricing will take effect for bookings made March 6 and anyone making bookings beforehand can prepay at the old prices. According to USA Today, the prices remain $30 and $40 if the fee is paid at any time before online check-in.

With the increase, JetBlue and United now have the highest bag fees in the industry, though, last time a major airline bumped bag fees, almost every other major airline followed—JetBlue’s increase to $30 in 2018 was soon matched by United, Delta, and American.

Southwest Airlines is still one of the only major U.S. airlines allowing passengers to check two bags for free.

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