Virgin America/Alaska Airlines Mileage Conversion

We can no longer utilize Virgin America mileage numbers and when one is present in your ETC traveler profile, Concur and Deem will return an error.  If you have a Virgin America mileage number in your ETC Concur or Deem profile, please remove the number and replace it with your Alaska Airlines number.  According to Alaska Airlines mileage department they have placed existing Virgin America miles into your Alaska Airlines mileage account.  If you didn’t have an existing Alaska Airlines mileage account, they created a new one for you.

Because some travelers names did not match exactly on their Virgin America and Alaska Airlines mileage accounts, some travelers have been issued multiple Alaska Airline numbers.  If you were issued a new Alaska Airlines mileage account number and you already had an existing number, please contact Alaska Airlines mileage department to merge your two accounts and make sure the correct number is in your ETC profile.

For more information, please view Alaska Air’s explanation of the changes here or contact us with any questions.

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