Face Masks are Required on Airplanes and in Airports

May 5, 2020

All major airlines and airports require passengers to wear a face mask from checking-in at the airport, to departing the airport at your destination, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at airports and on airplanes. Travelers are expected to bring their own face covering which may include a cloth mask, scarf or similar item that covers the nose and mouth. Additional supplies may be provided by some airlines for those who forget their face masks but supplies are limited and are not guaranteed, which could result in denied boarding.

Specific details about the face mask requirements will be shared with travelers in pre-trip communications from each airline before the date of travel and ETC will document the requirement on all travel itineraries.

Also, major hotel chains are advising that face masks are not required for guests but are recommended in public areas (lobby, check-in counter, etc.) and international hotel rules may vary.  When renting a car, we recommend enrolling in counter bypass programs (Hertz Gold, Avis Preferred, National Emerald, etc.), but when it’s necessary to pick up a car at the counter, we recommend wearing a mask.